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INSULATED LOG CABINS Roof: 19mm tongue and groove roof timbers to create a sturdy roof. Each log is Double Tongue and Groove and features a conical profile that allows the logs to actually click into place creating greater stability and resistance to movement over time so often found with inferior buildings INSULATED LOG CABINS LV Our log houses garden cabins and rooms have been specifically designed for the Tasmania market and their use is only limited by your imagination - house spas saunas home gyms summer houses home offices snooker rooms private conservatories play rooms… and much much more. LOG CABINS INSULATED this is very stylish summerhouse would enhance the look of any garden. INSULATED CABINS LV The average log homebuilder takes five times longer than a traditional homebuilder to research and build his home. Log homebuilders must decide about budget finance where to build and how to build - and especially about log species size profile and so on. LOG CABINS LV Log cabins do not need to sit on a concrete slab foundation. Instead the cabin sits on concrete posts embedded in the earth.

INSULATED LOG CABINS In an increasingly busy world achieving a balance between home and work is never easy and working from home could be the ideal solution. No more commuting and more time spent with family and friends must be a good idea. Research has shown that providing selfcatering tourist accommodation in log holidays on farms can be a viable and sustainable option particularly if sufficient farms work together as a 'business cluster' to maximise on economies and synergies available to them as a group. Several farmers have expressed an interest in pursuing this option. INSULATED LOG CABINS LV Log Cabin is a simple and straighforward log cabin ideal as garden storage or even as an extension to the living area. Pressure Treated Log Cabins are simply very low maintenance and ideal for those who dont have the time to treat the building every year. LOG CABINS INSULATED To ensure the longevity of your building we do not recommend that trees or shrubs overhang the building. INSULATED CABINS LV
Kitchen window turn/cant LOG CABINS LV Every project is tailored to suit you the customer and our small team of local craftsmen are committed to ensuring that the investment you make will create a truly special place for you your family or guests to use and enjoy for years to come.

INSULATED LOG CABINS Reducing the wall thickness to 44mm or upgrading to 94mm. Insulation pack for the roof and floor. Pre drilled logs to accept electricity cables. Additional windows and doors or partitions. Double Glazed units. Verandas and terraces. Shutters and oval windows. Curved wall steps rather than square logs. Factory painted doors and windows in a choice of colours providing a base coat and two top coats. Complete manufacturing allowing you to change the size shape and design. for the highest of quality garden buildings. German manufactured with the eye for detail and quality that the country is renowned for. Using the highest quality materials and a fastidious attention to detail and design this range is truly outstanding in it's combinations longevity and quality. Prices are extremely competitive within the Tasmania market and rival the long established suppliers. INSULATED LOG CABINS LV Timber garages are attractive buildings and being timber will have better natural insulation and could be less expensive than a traditional metal or concrete garage. LOG CABINS INSULATED For centuries the Scandinavians have enjoyed a special relationship with their surroundings in order to survive despite the harsh winters and short summers. Taking no more than they needed from their surroundings they built beautiful log houses so they could enjoy the fruits of the forests and the lakes. INSULATED CABINS LV Please note in the image below the corner joints are machined and manufactured in such a way as to make an extremely well fitting corner and one which when the timber expands and contracts as all timber does will provide a much better weather seal than most simple corner joints. LOG CABINS LV BRAND NEW Log Cabin with walls. This Cabin comes also with a 1.5m Deck extension.

INSULATED LOG CABINS As with any structure it is essential to provide a firm level and square base; without which your building will become unstable and will deteriorate rapidly. Preparations need not be too elaborate and we show the three recommended methods below:
Possibly the largest ecofriendly range on the market today! INSULATED LOG CABINS LV The new plans submitted under a "change of use" application are being opposed by LOG CABINS INSULATED As summerhouse manufacturers with over 40 years experience of the softwood trade we know that a good product starts from quality timber sourced from a sustainable forest in Northern Europe where the trees grow tall straight and slow. From this raw material we employ craftsmen to manufacture a top quality summerhouse for you to enjoy. INSULATED CABINS LV After completion the cabin should be immediately protected with an appropriate paint or LOG CABINS LV The Office boasts superior roof and floor insulation plus fully double glazed windows for storing warmth and reducing sound. Tight interlocking logs produce an extremely sturdy structure that's comprised of not one but two 28mm wall layers with foam and aluminium foil sandwiched intelligently in between. Such expert insulation makes your office akin to toasty toast keeping all the warmth inside without the need for excessive heating when the weather's less than temperate - yet still reflecting surplus warmth to keep you cool and collected on days when its hot.

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